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Monitor Engineering

A monitor engineer is important to any medium to large sized venue or to any medium to large sized band!

Quite often an engineer for a function band will operate the front of house speakers and the monitor speakers, but sometimes this proves very difficult. If there a lot of band members and a lot of monitors, getting the right sound for the band can be quite time consuming when it would be a better of use of the front of house engineer’s time to be focussing on what the audience can hear. Likewise, it can be challenging if the band are on in-ear-monitors.

This is where we can step into the gap!

We have lots of experience in monitor-world and we really enjoy looking after bands. We know that getting the right sound on stage can directly reflect how the band sounds to the audience. A good monitor mix equals a good vibe on stage and fantastic energy to the audience.

So let us look after your band, take the load off the front of house engineers, and make the atmosphere on stage a happy one!